Przyroda jako miejsce spotkania z Bogiem

Maciej Ostrowski


The author of the article draws the reader’s attention to the components of the
natural world, which let us discover the existence of God the Creator. Beauty is
suggested to be the most important of these components. Beauty resides in the
perfection of the object observed, its proportions and harmony, variety and order,
glamour, grace, majesty and grandeur. Unfolding the mystery of life itself is also
conducive to the recognition of God, especially in the silence of nature and being
surrounded by the scents it exudes. However, the very contact with nature is not
enough to encounter God. The author of the article contemplates the ways of educating
people which may facilitate their discovery of God in nature. It is necessary to teach
man how to contemplate the surrounding world. Careful observation, concentration
on the object, calming down, leaving the hustle and bustle behind are indispensable
to learn this, as well as the ability to describe your own feelings and the rejection
of the utilitarian attitude to the world. The author makes reference to biblical texts,
thoughts presented in papal speeches and private observations.

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