Mirosław Strzyżewski

Music and Infinity. Studies in Polish Romanticism

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Mirosław Strzyżewski

Music and Infinity. Studies in Polish Romanticism

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The rhythm of Romanticism in Poland is ominously tapped by history, politics, various defeats, and the sense of national captivity, but the descant to this main melodic line are rhythms and melodies of everyday life and extraordinary art. Contrary to many stereotypes and clichés referring to Polish Romanticism, national martyrology and historism are not the only matter of concern for Polish authors. Tradition, customs, everydayness, social relations, existence, and art are crucial literary themes. In addition, aesthetic experiences, the musical life, the search for sacrum in the individual dimension and outside the Catholic Church are typical of Romanticism in Poland, which brings this movement closer to the European culture of that period. All essays collected in this book are dedicated to these issues from the border of art, aesthetics, and specific mysticism.

Introduction / 7

I. What kind of infinity? / 11
II. Infinity. The term, the sources, the implications / 23
III. In the beginning was… the sound / 47
IV. In search of the harmony of spheres. The Great Improvisation by Adam Mickiewicz / 57
V. The Romantic beauty of the Aeolian harp in Juliusz Słowacki’s work / 81
VI. Mochnacki and Chopin on the verge of Romantic modernity. In search of a literary discourse on music / 105
VII. The devilish violin in The Ghost of the Cave by Józef Bogdan Dziekoński / 131
VIII. God’s infinity – world’s infinity. The Romantic poets in search of the lost plenitude / 151

List of illustrations / 169
Name index / 171

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